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SPAR University Erasmus Rotterdam location has found a solution to the inconvenience faced by students in getting their groceries. The students had to either walk all the way to the store or wait for the groceries to be delivered. To address this issue, SPAR University Erasmus has introduced Robot Rosie, a campus-based grocery delivery service that makes use of an app to take orders and deliver them to the students' dorms.


The primary challenge faced by the students of SPAR University Erasmus was the inconvenience of grocery shopping. They had to either go to the store or wait for their groceries to be delivered. This was particularly challenging for students who had a busy schedule or heavy workload. The inconvenience of grocery shopping affected their overall productivity and academic performance.

Technology used for this case

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The introduction of Robot Rosie by SPAR University Erasmus solved the problem of grocery shopping for the students. With the use of an app, students can now order groceries and have them delivered right to their doorstep. The app is user-friendly and offers multiple payment options. Best of all, it is free for the students to use. This innovative solution eliminated the need for students to walk to the store or wait for the groceries to be delivered, saving them time and effort.


The introduction of Robot Rosie by SPAR University Erasmus is an excellent example of how technology can address everyday challenges faced by students. This innovative solution has made grocery shopping more convenient, allowing students to focus on academic and personal pursuits. With Robot Rosie, students can now enjoy a hassle-free grocery shopping experience.

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Additional information:

Robot Rosie is not the first robot-based delivery service in the market. The concept of robotic delivery has been around for several years, and companies like Amazon and Domino’s Pizza have already implemented similar services. However, Robot Rosie is the first to be introduced on a university campus in the Netherlands. The students have well-received the service, and there are plans to expand it to other universities in the country. The success of Robot Rosie has paved the way for more innovative solutions in student services.

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