<h1>Introducing: Front-End Developer Yanick</h1>

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Yanick - Front-End Developer - with Pim

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself and your role within the company?

“I’m Yanick and I’ve been working at 2Digits for about seven years now. During my student days I started here as a side job for a few hours a week. At one point I had to graduate and do an internship for my thesis, luckily that was possible here and after that I never left!

Nowadays I am working as a Front-end Developer, in the beginning basically only with WordPress. After a while I got the hang of that and I wanted more of a challenge, so I switched to React. That was quite the challenge since it is of course a different programming language. But definitely a fun challenge nonetheless! That was about two years ago. It is therefore extra nice to see that the team continues to expand.’

How long have you been working at Social Brothers and what is your favorite memory so far?

“Many beautiful memories have been made in seven years, so what is my favorite memory is a difficult question! I have to say the workaction to Italy. Working in the sun for two weeks and going out with the team in the evening.’

Can you tell us about a project you’ve worked on that you’re proud of?

“The project I am most proud of is HTC. During this project, our team was growing enormously. As a result, this was the first project more than one developer worked on simultaneously. A completely different way of working, but it’s more fun and much better to do it together!’

What inspires you to keep working in this sector?

“It is a very fast sector that is constantly changing. I’ve always been interested in working with computers and programming. You have to keep learning all the time. New developments appear almost daily, so staying put it not an option.’

What skills have you developed during your time with the company, and how have they helped you in your career?

“I was really thrown in the deep end at 2Digits. At the time I had to do and learn everything myself. If you start at 2Digits now, it’s very different, but then I had to figure out a lot of things myself. In doing so, I have developed a large number of skills, such as showing initiative. But knowledge wise too; first via WordPress and then with React and TypeScript.”

What does a typical working day look like for you and how do you keep yourself motivated and productive?

‘I always start at 08:15, a little earlier than the rest. I like that I can start quietly. My colleagues start around 09:00 and then we often start with a stand-up of the projects that are running and what we are going to do that day. Then I get to work on the projects and before or after lunch we check each other’s work. This way we are always aware of what the other is doing and we can sort out any mistakes.’

How would you describe the corporate culture of Social Brothers?

“Energetic and young. We are very busy, but it is always fun and inspiring.’

What advice would you give yourself when you first started at Social Brothers?

‘I think in the beginning I could have been a bit more critical of my own work. I could have indicated more often or earlier whether I was not going to achieve something. Or i could have suggested more often, for example, to do an A/B test to improve a project in the long run.’

This or That?

Never use Social Media again or never watch a movie/series again?

“Never use Social Media again, I don’t use it that much anyway.”

Never use your phone again or never use your laptop again?

“Never my phone again, it will be very difficult for me if I can no longer use a laptop.”

Sing a song every day for the whole office or never have FreeMiBos again?

Sing a song for the whole office every day! Then I just do that with all the other colleagues.’


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