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2DIGITS: In the dynamic world of web development, technology continually evolves, urging businesses to embrace flexibility, scalability, and higher performance. Among the vanguard of these innovations stands headless technology. When considering the landscape of headless web solutions in Amsterdam, 2DIGITS emerges as a beacon of expertise. But before we delve into our services, what does “headless” genuinely signify, and why is it a game-changer?

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Understanding the Headless Website Paradigm

web developement agency amsterdam. At its core, a headless website disentangles the front-end (the user-facing portion of a website) from the back-end (the data storage and management sector). This division offers an unmatched versatility, allowing developers to harness any front-end framework without disturbing the back-end’s harmony.

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Venturing into Headless E-commerce with 2DIGITS

Headless e-commerce mirrors the principle of a headless website but caters specifically to online retail environments. The traditional e-commerce mold combines the front-end and back-end, occasionally curbing customization freedoms. 2DIGITS, with its headless strategy, shatters these limitations. Our approach empowers businesses to cherry-pick the optimal technologies for both user interfaces and back-end management. The dividends? Swift page loads, an elevated user experience, and futuristic adaptability.

The 2DIGITS Advantage in Headless Front-end

Harnessing a headless front-end, our developers at 2DIGITS embrace the liberty to select from an expansive spectrum of contemporary technologies in our web developement agency amsterdam. Our primary objective remains tailoring websites and online stores that echo the unique ethos of each brand while preserving core functionalities.


Spotlight on a Headless Website: The 2DIGITS Showcase

One of our standout projects presents an online store where diverse technologies energize the product gallery and checkout stages. Imagine a user interface meticulously crafted with avant-garde JavaScript frameworks like React, complemented by a robust e-commerce back-end. The result, as our clients testify, is a seamless, zippy, and intuitive shopping experience.


The 2DIGITS Commitment and Vision

Headless technology doesn’t merely represent a trend for us; it embodies the very blueprint of future-ready web development and e-commerce. Beyond the tech jargon, our team at 2DIGITS cherishes the narratives each brand entrusts us with. Each pixel we code, every interface we design, captures the spirit of innovation married with purpose.

Choosing 2DIGITS isn’t just about selecting a web development agency; it’s about partnering with Amsterdam’s visionary digital architects. Whether you’re a startup or an established brand, we’re here to catalyze your digital journey, shaping the next chapter of your online presence with unparalleled finesse with our web developement agency amsterdam.


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Do you need a Strategic partner but are not ready for a dedicated project? We support our client with several consultancy services, from supporting CEOs with technological challenges up to creating a dedicated digital go-to-market strategy for your new products and services.

We’re a dedicated team that builds apps for consumer and enterprise markets. We’re highly skilled in React Native and Flutter, which allows us to create a beautiful, responsive app.

We’re a team of designers & developers that builds WEB-Apps for both the consumer and enterprise markets. We’re highly skilled in React, NextJS and C# and Flutter, which allows us to create beautiful, responsive web-applications.

We’re a creative digital development team that can help bring your consumer & enterprise Webshop to the next level. Our Headless Webshop infrastructure enables you to deliver the perfect experience to your customer

We’re a creative digital design & development team that can help you create web-apps, apps and other digital products as a service. We provide a full service solution to your digital product challenge



What we use



React is a development framework created by Facebook that allows developers to create user interfaces and web applications.

React Native

React Native is a popular and versatile development framework that enables developers to create native mobile applications for both Android and iOS devices using a single codebase.

Next .JS

Next .JS is a development framework that enables developers to create interactive, responsive user interfaces. Next .JS is built on top of React, a JavaScript library for building user interfaces.


PHP is a popular programming language that is widely used for web development. PHP development frameworks provide a structure for developing PHP applications.


.NET is a development framework created by Microsoft. It enables developers to create web, desktop, and mobile applications using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript


Sketch is primarily used for designing user interfaces, websites, and icons. However, it can also be used for making illustrations, typography, and logos


Prepr is the world’s first data-driven headless CMS. We’ve paired the functionalities of a headless CMS with a built-in personalization engine and optimization features.


Figma is the world's first online collaborative design tool, enabling professionals to design and collaborate faster than ever before. Figma offers powerful features such as shared libraries, a drag-and-drop interface, collaborative comments, and the ability to switch between manual artwork and vector networks.


Flutter, the open-source mobile application development framework created by Google. Flutter allows developers to create beautiful, fast and high-performance apps for both iOS and Android platforms with a single codebase.


Shopify Plus is a premium e-commerce platform designed for high-volume and fast-growing businesses. It offers a wide range of features, tools and services that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of large and complex online stores


Unity is a popular game engine that enables developers to create games and interactive experiences across multiple platforms. While Unity itself is not a programming language, it does offer a variety of scripting languages to build games,


BigCommerce is a leading e-commerce platform that provides businesses with the tools to build and operate online stores. Founded in 2009, the platform is designed to help merchants of all sizes sell their products and services online.


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