Uiltje Brewing

Really bring the owl of Uiltje Brewing to life

Uiltje came to Social Brothers with a challenge: to enhance the experience on the can. And we gladly accepted that challenge. But how do you make the typical tins of Uiltje Brewing, with of course the well-known owl and the design inspired by comics, even more appealing?

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A brand new platform for Mensely 'Leadership and employability'

Humanely is committed to preventing absenteeism, increasing employability and reducing staff turnover and has therefore asked us to create both a public and internal online platform 'Leadership and Employability'.

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Public Agency

Bringing Roman times to life

Public Agency is an independent content production agency for film and video. Together with their producers, writers, directors and creatives, they know how to make your project come to life. Public Agency has asked us to help with a large VR project for a museum in England. Public Agency delivered the images, we developed a lifelike VR experience!

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Grasp the virtual like it's real.

Augmented Reality (AR) training is rapidly gaining popularity due to increasing labor market shortages and the rising economic importance of cost-effective learning. However, the solutions developed so far for AR training have been limited in the way users interact with digital objects in the AR simulation. There is a significant limitation in the physical feedback given to the user. SenseGlove is changing this with a groundbreaking haptic glove.

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