Human Total Care ”Kom verder” platform

Launching the Kom Verder platform

“The Kom Verder platform is developed by 2Digits & Social Brothers for the HumanTotalCare Group (HTC Group), the parent company of Arboned, Mensely, and HCC. The goal of this platform is to support the employees and managers of the various clients of the HTC Group.”
HTC Kom Verder Platform banner


The HTC Group is active within the world of disability prevention and through the Kom Verder platform, this digital service is focused on providing preventive care instead of services for actual disability. In addition, there has been a demand from the HTC Group to develop a component for the different managers within the various clients and to develop a separate platform for this specific user group to strengthen behavioural change within tea

Technology used for this project





At 2Digits, we worked closely with the Social Brothers team to bring your vision to life. Our team created a web-app platform with various engaging features, including gamification, e-learning, and question modules. Through extensive user testing, we fine-tuned the content of these components to deliver a top-notch user experience.

We designed the platform to seamlessly integrate into the current architecture of HTC, including personal profile scans, push notifications, a personalized e-learning environment, blogs, quizzes, and micro-learnings that are tailored to the employee’s behavior, the occupational health and safety organization’s branding, and the employer’s preferences.

To ensure seamless operation, we established connections with the HTC Group’s legacy software to manage data and information efficiently. Our team worked in consultation with the HTC Group’s IT team to navigate the complex architecture and ensure optimal results.

We also developed a fully functional e-learning platform for the client’s managers, connecting it to employee feedback and behavior. This creates a direct link between employee performance and manager training, leading to a more impactful behavioral change for the employees.


In conclusion, we are confident that our web-app platform will revolutionize the way occupational health and safety training is delivered. Our team has worked tirelessly to ensure that it is not only highly functional and personalized, but also aesthetically appealing. And the results speak for themselves – after only 6 months of implementation, our platform has received an impressive NPS score of 4.5 and a successful launch of our services.

So why wait? Give your employees the training they deserve and take the first step towards a safer and more productive workplace by contacting HumanTotalCare today.


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