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Are you planning to visit Amsterdam? Then the I amsterdam City Card app is the perfect solution for you! The app and complementary card give you access to more than 70 museums, attractions and activities in Amsterdam and provide an unlimited use of public transport within the city.
i amsterdam city card app


With the I amsterdam City Card you don’t have to worry about your trip to Amsterdam. The app includes the most important aspects of visiting a new city. The challenge of building the app lies mainly in the way all these different aspects have to interact with the app since they sometimes refer to external websites and scheduling tools. For example, you must be able to scan your City Card smoothly in the tram or at a museum without your Apple pay or Google Wallet appearing, but you also have to be able to reserve a time slot at a museum of your choice. 

To summarize: the app should help visitors navigate, plan and make reservations before and during their visit to Amsterdam. This not only requires constant innovation, but also a very secure working method. Updates are offered in a live environment. Testing in the most all-encompassing method is a must before updates are pushed to a live environment.

Technology we used for this project

React Native

Prepr CMS



The solution is a complex React Native app that communicates with Prepr – a headless CMS – that allows developers to easily build a data-driven content platform. With Prepr you decentralize the content of your platform and easily publish it on multiple channels if you want. 

In collaboration with I amsterdam, it has been made possible to share any purchased credit on your City Card with your friends. Particularly handy If you do not deplete your credit or, for example, leave earlier than expected. That way your credit is not lost but rather shared among friends or family. This has to be done with a special button, so you can’t just take a screenshot of your card and share it. A moving logo in the card makes this impossible.

Interested? Download the app via the following link: Android & iOS

Facts & Figures, 

  • The tool uses a combination of AI-powered recommendations and real-time availability data to provide users with personalized recommendations for attractions, activities, and accommodations in Amsterdam.
  • The tool has helped to increase customer engagement and brand awareness for the client, a leading travel agency in the Netherlands.
  • The tool has received positive feedback from users, who appreciate the ease of use and the personalized recommendations.
  • The tool has been recognized by industry experts, receiving nominations for the Dutch Interactive Awards and the European Search Awards.
  • Since launching the tool, the client has seen increased traffic and conversions on their website, as well as an increase in customer satisfaction.
  • The success of the I amsterdam City Card app has helped to position the client as a leader in the travel industry, and has helped to drive their continued growth and success
  • Over 77.000 downloads in the last year,

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