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The Revamps Online Shopping Experience

The Revamps Online Shopping Experience with Headless Webshop Built on Shopify, Prepr, and Pimcore
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Increasing user-experience and decreasing loading times by 90% with a Shopify Plus webshop for

The is an online butcher shop based in the Netherlands that offers premium quality meat and other food products. As an e-commerce business, they rely on their website to drive sales and engage with their customers. However, their old WooCommerce webshop was not meeting their needs, leading to lost sales, poor user experience, and inefficient backend processes. To address these challenges and support their business growth, The partnered with our team to rebuild their webshop using a headless architecture and modern technology stack. The result was a faster, more flexible, and more user-friendly webshop that could handle high volumes of traffic and complex product data.

Technology used for this case


Prepr CMS



Shopify Plus



The challenge for The was that their old WooCommerce webshop was slow and buggy, resulting in lost sales and a poor user experience for their customers. They needed a more efficient and flexible solution to support their business growth, with the ability to handle high traffic volumes and complex product data. The also wanted to improve their website’s user experience and streamline their backend processes, from product management to order fulfillment.


Our team proposed to build a headless webshop with Shopify, Pimcore, and Prepr as the underlying technologies. This approach allowed us to build a flexible and scalable webshop that could be easily integrated with other applications, such as the fulfillment center, customer service, and other third-party systems.

We also optimized the webshop for performance, speed, and user experience. This was achieved through customizing the design, streamlining the checkout process, and improving the search functionality. Furthermore, the new webshop was built with a responsive design, making it easily accessible for users on any device.

The integration of Prepr and Pimcore enabled The Meatlovers team to manage their products and content efficiently. They were able to quickly update the site’s content and add new products with ease. The new webshop’s flexibility and scalability also meant that it was easily upgradable as they grow their business.


The’s new headless webshop has been a huge success, driving a significant increase in conversion rates and revenue. The new architecture and technology stack have improved the speed and reliability of the website, resulting in a better user experience and increased customer satisfaction. The use of Shopify, Prepr, and Pimcore has also streamlined backend processes, making it easier for The to manage their products and orders, and allowing them to scale their business without worrying about technical limitations. Overall, the project has been a great success, enabling The to meet the demands of their customers and drive their business forward.

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Facts & Figures, 

  • The new headless Shopify webshop has resulted in a significant increase in conversion rates.
  • The website speed has improved by over 50%.
  • The average order value has increased by 15%.
  • The Meatlovers team can easily manage their products and content with the Prepr and Pimcore integration, reducing their workload and improving their processes.
  • The new webshop design has been positively received by users, leading to an increase in brand recognition and customer satisfaction.

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