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At 2DIGITS, we specialize in building high-performance headless websites that deliver exceptional user experiences. Our team of experienced product managers, designers, and engineers understand the importance of user experience (UX) in the success of a website. We use a user-centered approach and the latest technologies to ensure that your website is tailored to the specific needs of your users.

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Headless website development: We use the latest technologies and frameworks to build high-performance, scalable websites that deliver exceptional user experiences. We specialize in building headless CMS systems that provide the flexibility and scalability needed for modern websites. Our team of developers are experts in technologies such as Contentful, Prepr, Strapi and GraphCMS.

In addition to headless website development, we also offer services in headless ecommerce development. Our team specializes in creating ecommerce websites that are built with a headless architecture, ensuring that they are flexible, scalable, and can deliver superior customer experiences. By utilizing the latest technologies and frameworks, we can build ecommerce websites that are fast, reliable, and provide a seamless shopping experience.

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2DIGITS, your partner in digital product development

When it comes to product development, having a partner in crime can make all the difference.

That’s why we provide industry-leading website development services for headless websites & webshops.

Our experienced professionals are on-hand at every step of the journey, giving you the confidence that your project is in safe hands throughout. Consult with us and rest assured that your product development project will be a success.

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What is headless e-commerce, and how does it differ from traditional e-commerce platforms?

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